Sofia the First Dress-up Costume

Do you have kids who are big fans of the Disney Junior cartoon series Sofia the First? If so, then you might be interested in checking out the Princess Sofia costumes that your little princess can dress up in for Halloween or any other dressup.

Sofia the First Princess Dress Costume

You basically have two different Princess Sofia dresses that you can choose from for the costume. The two dresses are both purple and have some other similarities. You may want to show both of them to your kid and ask which is preferred between the two options. Click here to see the costumes

sofia first costume dress

Sofia the First Costume Shoes

While you can just order the princess dress, there are other components to this magical dress-up outfit. An inexpensive, but fun, item that your little one will like is the pair of Sofia the First shoes. The great thing about these shoes is that they can be worn at any time and not just with the costume. That makes them a great value for the money. Click here for Disney Store Girls Sofia the First Costume Shoes.

sofia first shoes

Sofia the First Costume Royal Purse Set

Another great accessory piece for this dress up costume is the royal purse set. This official Disney set includes some purple gloves, a purse for carrying precious items around in, and a ring just like Princess Sofia's. Click here for Sofia the First Royal Purse Set.

sofia first purse set

Sofia the First Magical Amulet Costume Jewelry

One of the first things that kids think about when Princess Sofia is mentioned is that magical amulet that she wears around her neck. With that in mind, it is a vital piece of any Sofia the First Halloween costume or dress up costume. Fortunately, you can buy one of these at a low price and it can be used as a regular toy as well. Click Here for Sofia the First Talking Magical Amulet

sofia magical amulet