Sofia the First Characters

sophia the first characters
If you missed the airing of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess (or even if you saw it), then you might want to get all the info on the main characters. If you take a look at the photo above, you will likely recognize each character in the photo from the Sophia the First: Once Upon a Princess airing. But if not, check out this list of main characters from Sofia the First (character list follows photo from left to right):

  • Prince James (Sofia’s stepbrother – boy in green)
  • Queen Miranda (Sofia’s mom in the pink dress and wearing the crown)
  • Sofia (front and center in the light purple dress)
  • Clover the talking rabbit
  • King Roland II (wearing the crown)
  • Princess Amber (Sofia’s stepsister in the pale yellow dress)
  • Cedric (the one with his hands clasped together)